Father Murdered in a Coup

At a New Year?s Day press conference in Grenada this year, Nadia Bishop whose father, Maurice Bishop, the former Prime Minister, was killed in a deadly coup says it?s time to forgive and reconcile with those who killed her father. The men known as the Grenada 13 have been in prison for over 20 years.

Bishop, who is now an attorney in California, called on the people of Grenada to join with her in making 2008 a year of unconditional forgiveness and reconciliation for those involved in the killing of her father and members of his cabinet on October 19, 1983.

24-Year Struggle to Forgive

She said that it has taken her 24 years to get to this stage and urged the people of her country to follow her lead.

?What I invite you to join in here is unconditional forgiveness that is not dependent upon anyone admitting responsibility for anything nor a request that forgiveness be granted to them,? she said.
?I believe if we start to place conditions on the forgiveness that we offer there would always be more conditions added, we would never be satisfied and forgiveness and reconciliation would not be realized.?

Champion of Forgiveness Award

Ms. Bishop will be honored as a Champion of Forgiveness at the 12th annual International Forgiveness Day event on Sunday August 3, 2008. Champions of Forgiveness are those whose those who dedicate their lives and work to expanding awareness and knowledge about the regenerative power of forgiveness and reconciliation as well as to help others experience it.