Rev. Patrick Egberuare
As a missionary evangelist in Africa, Rev. Patrick Egberuare came face to face with the horror effects of the perennial conflicts that had engulfed many parts of Africa and particularly North-Eastern Nigeria. So many lives, goods and property have been lost in ethnic and religious confrontations from one end of the nation to another, with all their terrifying dimensions.
These events and their devastating effects burdened the mind of Rev. Egberuare. As a result of the horror he witnessed in these conflict affected regions, he began the search for solutions. He started the Global Peace and Forgiveness Foundation, a non - governmental organization dedicated to the promotion and sustenance of world peace, forgiveness and reconciliation around the world. He wrote a book titled: Pathway To Peace, Forgiveness And Reconciliation. He sold his personal car and used the money to distribute the book free because he wanted people to know about peace and forgiveness because it wasn't a popular message.
He began to organize conferences on peace and forgiveness while collaborating with government institutions to promote forgiveness and facilitate reconciliation in Nigeria. He founded the National Forgiveness Day in Nigeria. His message was that the need for world peace is urgent and therefore demands global attention. He then called on other peace lovers, builders and promoters to join hands with him in this noble task.
Rev. Patrick Egberuare was honored as a Champion of Forgiveness at the 18th Annual International Forgiveness Day Awards Ceremony on Sunday August 3, 2014.