Colin Tipping, author of the widely acclaimed book, Radical Forgiveness????app????, created a radical and effective method of bringing forgiveness into one's life. His breakthrough work with cancer patients has brought about a number of remissions and cures. His methods have been incorporated into Radical Forgiveness Workshops as well as counseling techniques. His book is used as a training manual by forgiveness trainers around the world.

HEROES of Forgiveness, Reconciliation and Peace


The designation of "Hero of Forgiveness, Reconciliation and Peace"????app???? is bestowed upon those who have courageously and dramatically stepped forward to demonstrate and exemplify the concept of forgiveness, reconciliation and peace.


These are not necessarily famous people. They are often ordinary people who have chosen to express profound and genuine forgiveness in their personal lives. These people have experienced a transformation as a result of their act or acts of forgiveness and demonstrate how this change continues to manifest over time. Their stories can inspire and motivate ordinary people to act in a similar manner.


CHAMPIONS of Forgiveness, Reconciliation and Peace


The "Champions of Forgiveness, Reconciliation and Peace"????app???? designation is bestowed upon those whose professional work inspires and leads the way by defining, applying and spreading the concept of forgiveness reconciliation and peace.